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Postal & Delivery Services Staff

Manager: James Licano: (818) 677-4871 /

The Postal and Delivery Service department is an organization created to serve the University community. We will make every attempt (working within budget, staffing and USPS regulation constraints) to meet your mailing needs in a timely and economic manner. The USPS is a dynamic industry, and with this, carries the burden of added regulations and increased complexity.

This Postal and Delivery Services guide has been prepared as a source of basic information for you to obtain the best available mail services with regards to efficiency and economics.

It briefly touches on topics such as addressing, enclosures, envelopes, internal campus mail, U.S. mail classifications, specialized delivery services and other information basic to your everyday needs. We hope that the guide will be a useful desk companion for you.

Postal and Delivery Services is continually seeking new ways to improve its service to the University community. Newly established procedures will be issued as these changes are incorporated.

The more we know about your needs and concerns, the better we can fulfill them. Let us know your needs in advance, whether it is a special service you need, a large mailing coming up or if you sending or receiving something out of the ordinary.

Should you have a specific question regarding a mailing, we urge you to call Postal Services at extension 2323