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As mandated under SAM 8650, 8651, & 8652, it is the responsibility of Asset Management to track appropriate state equipment on campus. To that charge Asset Management oversees yearly Capital Equipment Inventory and monitors Minor Equipment on a three year cycle. All purchases or gifts of appropriate equipment is tagged and maintained in the Asset Management data base and should be surveyed from the University's inventory if deemed obsolete or disposed of in any manner. Asset Management maintains a listing of appropriate surplus property available for reuse by any university departments on and works with local public and non profit agencies to recycle obsolete equipment. Asset Management wishes to remind all faculty and staff that all state provided equipment or property is for official use only.

Asset Management Staff

Materials Manager: Travis Thomas: (818) 677-5537 /

Asset Coordinator: Farrah Binur: (818) 677-6540 /

Asset Management Procedures:

Relocation of Surplus & Surveyed Equipment:

Asset Management will coordinate the relocation of surveyed equipment. The requesting department may initiate the process by completing Survey Form 116.

Departments may use the Survey Form 116 to request the pickup of any other surplus or obsolete equipment/furniture even if not tagged. All pickups will be free of charge and scheduled to occur on designated "Campus Clean up Days" which will fall on the second and fourth Friday of each month. Pickup will be the responsibility of PPM's Postal and Delivery Services who will confirm all pickups.

Departments with more immediate needs to survey equipment may do so by processing a work order request with PPM Work Control Center. A charge will be imposed for those pickups that cannot wait for the designated Campus Clean up Day, but requesters must keep in mind that Survey Forms must be completed on all appropriate items. Postal and Delivery Services will call to schedule and expedite the pickup.

Asset Management Forms: