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Payroll Administration-Highlights


Please note the following important Time & Labor and Absence Management dates for March 2014:

March 2014 Pay Period:
March 1, 2014 — March 31, 2014
Entry Deadline for Time & Absence:
Wednesday, April 2, 2014 (close of business)
Approval Deadline for Time & Absence:
Thursday, April 3, 2014 (close of business)

These dates are noted on the University Payroll Calendar.

General Reminders
  • Manage Time Exceptions — If an exception is allowable, select the "Allow" checkbox next to the employee's name and enter a coment describing the allowable situation and select "Save." To access the COMMENT box, got to the Details Tab and scroll all the way to the right. More information can be found at
  • Run and review absence reports located in HR/Timekeeper/Approver pagelet prior to timekeeper and approver cutoff.
  • Docks — When an employee has exhausted leave time to cover an absence, dock time must be entered in the Absence Management module. These transactions should be entered and approved as soon as the dock situation is known. Docks entered before the monthly Payroll Cutoff date will help to ensure accurate payment. Docks entered after the cutoff date may delay an employee´s pay and/or generate an obligation for repayment.

    NOTE: For the monthly master payroll certification process, only docks that have been entered and approved prior to the MPC run/capture date are reflected on MPC.
  • Hourly employees who earn sick and/or vacation and do not report any time off during a given pay period are required to report “No Leave Taken” in Absence Management.


    Full-time faculty and staff who receive 12 pay warrants per year may now elect to participate in automatic payroll deduction for membership fees when joining the Student Recreation Center. For a free tour of the Student Recreation Center or for more information, contact the SRC front desk at 818-677-5434.


    As more employees begin entering their own time in our system as self-reporters, we want to emphasize two important processing rules. Please refer to the SOLAR Human Resources webpage for more information.

    Payroll & SOLAR HR Activities

    For information and training guides on your role as a Self Reporter, Timekeeper or Approver, or on Master Payroll Certification, please visit the Solar Human Resources page.

    Payroll Forms

    Access Payroll Forms.

    Employment & Income Verification

  • Employment & Income Verification for State Staff & Faculty
  • Employment & Income Verification for Student, Hourly, & Auxiliary Employees