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Fee Waiver


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Office of Human Resources, University Hall Room 165

Monday-Friday   8:00 AM-5 :00 PM

If you have any questions please call the Fee Waiver Coordinator at extension 2173, or you may e-mail your questions to the Fee Waiver Coordinator,

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FEE WAIVER FAQ (Printable)

  1. Eligible employees may transfer their fee waiver benefit to a spouse, registered domestic partner, or dependent child.
  2. MPP and Confidential employees who are eligible for the CSU fee waiver program may transfer their existing fee waiver benefit entitlement to a spouse, registered domestic partner, or dependent child.
  3. A dependent child is defined in the same manner is used for other CSU benefit programs. For employees in bargaining units 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, MPP and Confidential:
    • your child or stepchild under age 25 who has never married
    • any child living with you in a parent-child relationship and is economically dependent upon you, under the age 25, and who has never been married; or
    • your child or stepchild, age 25 or above, who is incapable of self-support due to a disability which existed prior to age 25.

For all other bargaining units, the age limit for dependent children (as identified above) is under age 23.

  1. Domestic partners are eligible for fee waiver if their partnership is registered with the California Secretary of State. For information on registering a domestic partnership, click on
  2. Only one person may use the Fee Waiver and Reduction benefit per semester regardless whether or not that person is using the full entitlement of two (2) courses or six (6) units. Thus, in a given semester, the Fee Waiver and Reduction benefit may be used by the employee or one of their dependents, but may not be split between the employee and his/her dependent(s).
  3. The spouse, registered domestic partner, or dependent child must be enrolled in either a degree program or teaching credential program at the CSU campus of attendance and may only take a maximum of two courses or six units per semester, whichever is greater.
  4. If both parents are eligible employees, two dependent children may utilize the Fee Waiver benefit.
    NOTE: If two CSU employees who are eligible for fee waiver are parents of the same dependent and are transferring their fee waiver benefits to that dependent, EACH parent must submit a Dependent Fee Waiver Application. The two applications must be attached to one another.
  5. It is also possible for both parents to transfer their benefit to one child, allowing the child to enroll in 4 courses or 12 units per semester. (See note in above bullet.)
  6. Dependents may enroll in additional units/courses by paying any difference in fees, which will be at the regular rate.
  7. Normal academic standards must be maintained in order to continue participating in the fee waiver program.

  8. A graduate is defined as any student having already earned a bachelors degree.
    Note: Fees are subject to change by the Trustees of the California State University. Nonresident and International students must pay the resident fees plus $339.00 per unit. All basic registration fees are mandatory.
  9. Does my dependent have to pay out-of-state fees?
    • Yes, out-of-state fees cannot be waived or reduced through this program.
  10. Application fee to the University is waived. Notify the Fee Waiver Coordinator if application fee needs to be waived or reimbursed.
  11. Fees must be paid by the deadlines set by Admissions & Records.