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Compensation & Classification

Volunteer Process

Individuals who volunteer services to the CSUN campus, whether on an ongoing basis or for a short-term event, and submit the Volunteer Identification Form with the required signatures, are considered CSUN volunteers. A CSUN volunteer is an individual who performs work or provides services without compensation for a semester, academic year, calendar year, session, or any part thereof. CSUN volunteers may perform a variety of functions in support of campus activities.

Examples of volunteer work include, but are not limited to:

CSUN volunteers must have the necessary training and/or supervision to safely carry out the volunteer work and, depending on the particular function performed, must meet the appropriate licensing and CSUN requirements. An individual who volunteers services in a field that requires a license or certificate must satisfy that requirement prior to performance of those duties.

For example, a medical doctor volunteering services must have a current license to practice medicine before volunteering; a CSUN volunteer authorized to drive a vehicle on official state business must have a current valid drivers license, complete defensive driver training, submit STD 261 "Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicle on State Business," and demonstrate that they maintain a good driving record. (A copy of these documents must be on file with the Office of Human Resources.)

A volunteer who renders services of his or her own free will, without remuneration of any kind, does not need to complete an I-9. If a person receives any kind of compensation from a campus for services, a Form I-9 needs to be completed and the person needs to be appointed as an employee.

CSUN, volunteers are required to sign and date a Volunteer Identification Form. This form can be downloaded from our website at

Once completed, send an original, signed copy to the Office of Human Resources at Mail Code 8229. A copy of appropriate license or certificate, if applicable, must be attached.



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