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Dependant Care Reimbursement Account (DCRA)

What is it?

A Dependent Care Reimbursement Account is a way to pay dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars.  Money is automatically taken out of your paycheck and put into this account.  Your federal, state, and Social Security taxes are calculated on your remaining, lower income.

Who is considered a dependent?

  1. Children under 13 who you are entitled to claim as dependents on your tax returns
  2. Spouse who is physically or mentally unable to care for himself or herself
  3. Any person you can claim as a dependent on your tax return who is physically or mentally unable to care for himself or herself

Who can enroll in this program?

All employees except faculty in the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) and retirees who have been rehired.

Please refer to the DCRA brochure if your spouse is not employed, or if you are divorced, legally separated, or living apart from your spouse.

What expenses are covered?

Examples of covered expenses:

  1. Care in your home
  2. Care in someone else’s home
  3. Care at a licensed day care center
  4. Before-and after-school care
  5. Adult Day Care

What expenses are not covered?

Examples of non-covered expenses:

  1. Sleepover camps
  2. Nursing homes
  3. Education
  4. Separately billed charges for activities, transportation etc.

When can I enroll?

If you are a new employee, you may enroll within 60 days of your hire date. You may also enroll during the annual open enrollment period in September-October for the following calendar year (January 1 through December 31).

If your employment status changes, you may qualify to enroll at that time. Contact your Benefits Representative at x 2101.

How can I enroll?

  1. Complete an Enrollment Authorization Form
  2. You must re-enroll every year during each open enrollment period.
  3. There is a monthly administrative fee of $1.00. This fee is deducted from your salary.

How much money can I put into the account?

A minimum of $20 per month up to a maximum of $416.66 per month.

For special situations, refer to the DCRA brochure

What happens if I put more money in the account than I need?

You lose the money. This is an IRS (Internal Revenue Service) regulation.

How can I avoid losing money?

Try to anticipate your costs for the upcoming year. Estimate carefully by checking your records for dependent care costs for the past year. Any money you contribute but do not file claims for will be irrecoverable.

How do I get reimbursed?

Fill out the following claim form: and submit your form via mail, fax or online.

1. To mail these documents:


P.O. Box 6044
Columbia, MO 65205-6044

2. To fax these documents:
FAX: (877) 879-9038

3. Online through

How much will I be reimbursed?

You will be reimbursed for the full amount of all eligible expenses up to the amount currently in your account. Excess expenses will be paid as soon as additional money is available in your account. There is no minimum claim amount. The total amount of your reimbursements cannot exceed the amount of your yearly contribution.

Is there a deadline for submitting my claims forms?

Yes. You may submit your claims for a given year up to June 30 of the following year. After June 30 you lose any remaining balance.

Will participating in this program affect my ability to claim the dependent care tax credit on my federal tax return?

Possibly. It depends on how many dependents you have and how much you spend on their care.  For advice about your personal situation, please consult your tax advisor.

Where can I get additional information?

The California State University Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (DCRA) brochure

Internal Revenue Service Publication 503

Where can I get additional information?

Human Resources: (818) 677-2101

If your last name starts with A-K, call Monica Baskerville

If your last name starts with L-Z, call Cathy Salazar